We have 3 machines ranging in various sizes with different capabilities and applications. Please contact us for more details.

Custom Build, 500 x 300 mm bed size, 100 W Laser Power

This machine has a 100w long life laser tube, incredibly stable output frequency combined with one of the best controllers in the industry. What does this mean? It can comfortably cut through most woods and acrylic up to 10 mm. The controller combined with the stable output frequency means we can engrave onto paper or cut through 10mm oak! 


Redsail X900, 900 x 600 mm bed size, 100 W Laser Power

This machine has the same tube as our first machine, with same stable output frequency excellent for cutting and engraving with a bigger bed size of 900 x 600 mm which translates to bigger than A1paper size. It also has front and back doors which allow larger material to be fed through. This machine has a lens with a longer focal length meaning it is exceptionally good at for cutting. We have cut through 20 mm oak planks with this machine! 


Nice Cut NC-1390, 1300 x 900 Bed size, 130 W Laser Power

This machine is capable of manufacturing large runs of commercial jobs. It has a large bed size- 1300 x 900 mm capable of cutting 1/3 of an industry standard size sheet with front and back opening doors to allow feeding of larger sheets of material. Its 130 W long life laser tube allows it to handle up to 25 mm thick Acrylic as well as the majority of wood types with ease. Its high power allows etching on to soft metals such as brass, aluminium and copper.