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Shipping & Returns

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Before you want to return goods, first please contact us to discuss the problem you are having. Most of the time we can solve the problem by giving technical support and you needn't to send anything back. If there are irremediable defects with the goods, you can return them back to us for repair or exchange.

In 14 days from the date products were received, if you find the products with quality problems, it can be returned and exchanged. You need to send back to us the products in original package. When we receive the products sent back intactly, we will replace it with new ones and ship them back to you again. We will pay the shipping fees for the replaced products that we ship to you . 

If you receive a product you do not like or size is not correct, of course, if it is the buyer's error, please contact us, we will charge 35% of the amount of the costs, the buyer must return to our products, Buyers can request a replacement product and a refund: 65%, we need to receive your refund in the product, we can re-send your order!